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April Spotsville was born and raised in Colfax, LA. She earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Northwestern State University in 2012 and a Master of Social Work from Grambling State University in 2015. Autistic children and their families hold a special place in her heart. April resides in Houston, Texas, and currently works as a social worker in the Texas Medical Center.

For more information about April or her children's book, Oh Austen The Hippo, contact us today.

Dedication To Parents:
Many people will never understand the challenges you face. The journey you and your child will endure together will require courage. At times it will be a wonderful adventure, at other times it will be a discouraging one. Always remember this; never place any limitations on what your child can achieve. And most importantly, never give up or feel that you’re not doing a great job…because you are, and you’re valued dearly.
— April Spotsville, Author, LMSW